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Units details:

Diatoma hiemale
Unit ID: 184081 / 457491 / E 1264
Unit GUID: http://id.snsb.info/snsb/collection/184081/457491/162395
Record Basis: PreservedSpecimen
Kind of Unit: micr. slide
Source Institution: BSMweinzierlcoll (M)
Last update: 2015-03-09T14:36:52


Name Taxonomy
Diatoma hiemale regnum: Plantae


Locality: Collector(s): Other info:
Country: Germany (BRD)
Locality: Germany, Bayern, Unter der Traufe eines Brunnens an der Chaussee von Reichenhall nach Berchtesgaden unmittelbar an der Straße
Coordinates: 47.7282943725586 | 12.8756332397461
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Date: -

Additional data:

Date Last Edited: 2015-03-09T14:36:52
Record URI: URL
Frustule: 47 µm (Analysis 1)



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