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Mollisia epitypha P. Karst.
Unit ID: M-0037095 / 12223 / 7752
Unit GUID: http://id.snsb.info/snsb/collection/7842/12223/7752
Record Basis: DrawingOrPhotograph
Kind of Unit: icones
Source Institution: BSMschiefcoll (M)
Last update: 2016-01-27T12:33:08


Name Taxonomy
Mollisia epitypha P. Karst. regnum: Fungi


Locality: Collector(s): Other info:
Country: Germany (BRD)
Locality: Hildesheim, Innersteufer am Mastberg
Coordinates: 52.1547241210938 | 9.95277786254883
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Schieferdecker, K.
Date: 1946-04-30

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Date Last Edited: 2016-01-27T12:33:08
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